Uganda: University Student Electrocuted in Naguru Barracks

Kampala — Residents of Naguru Police Barracks were yesterday left in shock after a Makerere University student was electrocuted.

Aaron Ongenge, 20, a third year student at Makerere University and a son to Assistant Inspector of Police Richard Okello was reportedly electrocuted as he laid wet clothes on a washing line.

Police spokesperson Emilian Kayima said Ongenge was pronounced dead at Iran-Uganda Friendship hospital in Naguru.

Mr Kayima described the incident as “very unfortunate” and condoled AIP Okello and other family members for the loss, urging them to seek God’s comfort during such a trying moment.

“We send our condolences to the family for losing their child at such a tender age when he was about to finalise his studies at the university,” Mr Kayima said.

Last year, three people were electrocuted when a housemaid only identified as Rosette touched a cloth that was on a washing line at their home.

The eldest child; Roselyn Ssimbwa, who tried to help the maid was electrocuted too and another child, Kevin Kito, who was Ssimbwa’s brother died in a bid to help the first victims.

At least 12 people died in Sironko District in 2017 due to illegal power connections, according to a report that was released by the district security committee in February.

According to the report, nine people were electrocuted in January and otehrs in the following month.

Authorities said victims got electrocuted by either touching naked wires or trying to hook directly onto the overhead bare lines.

Others died while tampering with the electricity metre by adding foreign objects or removing vital parts.


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