Uganda: Kadaga Became Speaker Through Hard Work Not Witchcraft – Parliament

Parliament has described as defamatory, the allegations raised by a traditional healer, Damiano Akuze, who in a lawsuit claims to have propelled Speaker Rebecca Kadaga to political prominence.

By the time of filing this story, the court had not summoned the Speaker to file her defence. The court will set the hearing date after she has filed her response to the suit.

In a statement issued on Friday, the Clerk to Parliament Ms Jane Kibirige says Ms Kadaga has never been a member of EALA and was elected Speaker in May 2011 due to hard work and not witchcraft. Akuze alleges in his suit that Ms Kadaga has served as East African Assembly. delegate, among other positions.

Kibirige says Ms Kadaga was appointed minister in 1996, seven years since she had been elected to Parliament.

“Therefore, Mr Akuze’s claim that he catapulted her to the post of Minister within a flash should be treated with contempt it deserves,” she said.

“The implication of Akuze’s claim is that he bewitched the entire Parliament, the Presidency and the whole country to elect Ms Kadaga as Speaker. We hope and pray that Akuze’s comical and fraudulent allegations will be dismissed by court. The Speaker, a vanguard in the fight for good governance, the rights of the weak and poor; and emancipation of the girl-child on the national and international stage; will remain steadfast in serving the country,” Ms Kibirige says in a statement posted on Parliament Twitter handle @Parliament_Ug.

According to the Clerk to Parliament, any sober minded person can discern what she describes as “the malice aforethought that is embedded in this mischief by her detractors.”

“She has got to her current station in life through hard work and a God-given talent of harnessing the good in others. We appeal to all Ugandans to work towards building a more just society,” Ms Kibirige added.


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Publish date : 2019-02-01 16:42:18

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