Uganda: Government Asked to Resettle 3,000 Displaced Locals

Leaders in Bukwo District, Sebei Sub-region, have asked government to resettle about 3,000 Teriet and Yatui who were allegedly displaced by Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) from Mt Elgon National Park in the 1970s.

The Teriet and the Yatui are currently living in Kapkoros and Kapsekek camps, respectively.

They are descendants of the Benet community living in Kween District and some part of Bukwo, who were resettled by government in 1983 after the demarcation of the park.

Ms Evelyn Chemutai, the district Woman MP, said the government should intervene and resettle the people immediately.

“A number of committees from Parliament have visited Teriet camp; even the Prime Minister has given them hope but so far nothing has been done,” he said.

Mr Willington Mukwana, the district vice chairperson, said the two communities have been neglected by the government yet they overwhelmingly voted for President Museveni.

Daily Monitor visited Kapkoros camp for the Turiet in Kokoris Village in Serendet Sub-county and found the people living in deplorable conditions.

The camp has more than 69 families residing in congested temporary structures that are on the verge of collapse. They also lack proper human waste disposal facilities.

Mr Fred Limo, the camp chairperson, said access to health and education remain a dream.

“We owned big chunks of land while we were staying on our cradle land but now we have nothing and our people keep on dying and others suffering from pneumonia but the government does not want to admit that,” he said.

According to a report written by Mr Fred Soyekwo, the chairperson of youth in Sebei, to President Museveni in August last year, the two communities were evicted and their homesteads burnt to ashes but they have never been resettled to date.

“It is sad that no compensation or relief by government has been offered to the Teriet people for the lost property, livestock and lives during the evictions,” the report reads in part.

Mr Tom Chesol, the RDC, said they have received a communication from the President, directing the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) to give their position on the matter.

However, Mr Fredrick Kizza, the Elgon Area conservation manager, said he was not aware of any IDP camps in Sebei. “OPM tried to investigate and found out those were stage managed camps, they only operate when somebody is going there,” Mr Kizza said.

Brig Stephen Oluka, the head of the National Emergency Operations and Coordination Centre in OPM, acknowledged that the camps exist but said their demands are impractical.

“Each family wants to be given land individually, which is impractical,” he said.

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