Uganda: Police Write to Minister Over Nantaba Defiance

Kampala — Police have written to the Internal Affairs ministry to compel State minister for ICT Idah Nantaba to record a statement regarding her false assassination claim that led to the killing of biker Ronald Ssebulime.

Ssebulime was arrested, handcuffed and shot dead by police officers on a 999 patrol pickup truck that responded to Ms Nantaba’s claims that she was being trailed by the deceased on a sport bike on March 24.

Police spokesperson Fred Enanga said the Force had received Ms Nantaba’s response to CID summons, showing why she could not appear to record a statement yet they need to submit the murder case file to the Director of Public Prosecutions for legal advice. He said it is the reason they asked their line ministry to intervene.

“We are hindered by the fact that she has not reported to record a statement at our CID headquarters. She acknowledged receiving the summons and explained why she could not come to CID. We have sought guidance from State minister for Internal Affairs Obiga Kania and we are waiting for his communication,” Mr Enanga said.

In her response to CID, Ms Nantaba said President Museveni had told her to stay home. She told police to use other options such as visiting her home.

Home interrogation

Asked why police cannot interrogate the minister from her home, Mr Enanga said: “We discourage recording statements from people’s homes because there are always distractions such as phone calls. There is a way it gives them comfort and this could affect the interview.”

Police admitted their officers killed an innocent person after detectives reconstructed the scene and found that the deceased was going to visit his children at St Andrew Kaggwa SS in Kabimbiri, Mukono District. Ssebulime was shot dead at Nagojje Trading Centre in Kayunga District. Police detectives recovered from his bag food and drinks which he was taking to his children.

Mr Enanga said police had also received the notice of intention to sue from lawyers representing Ssebulime’s children and family. He said there have been futile efforts to meet the deceased’s family for negotiations. “Our CPC [Chief Police Commissar] Asan Kasingye and other officers tried to meet the deceased’s mother, sister and children but they made us wait up to 7pm and we left,” he said.

Police said Ssebulime’s family is being confused by politicians.

“Some politicians have made this incident look like it is the general conduct of the police force. We have tried to meet the family but they are being confused by politicians. We want to meet and discuss on how the deceased’s children can stay in school,” he said.

Mr Enanga said investigators are also waiting for call data from Airtel Telecom company to establish the last communications of the suspects in the murder. The arrested officers include Mr Ssali Edward, who was the patrol commander, Mr Ronald Opira and Mr Ronald Baganza. The other member, Mr Robert Cherotich, is still at large.

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