Uganda: Quit If You Are Paid Less, MP Tells Government Teachers

Ntungamo — The Member of Parliament for Rushenyi County, who is also deputy Attorney General, Mr Mwesigwa Rukutana, has said teachers who are crippling the education sector over the excuse of meagre pay should quit and find other work to do.

While addressing the school management committee, Parent-Teachers Association heads and teachers of Ruyonza Primary School on Monday, Mr Rukutana said he was disappointed to find out that the school has never scored good grades in Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE).

He attributed the poor performance to the teachers’ failure to perform their work with determination.

He said government teachers should stop the tendency of complaining that they are poorly paid yet the teachers in private schools are being paid meagre salary but they are performing well. The net pay for the least paid primary school teacher in a government school is Shs420,000 per month.

“When I was at this school [Ruyonza Primary School] from 1967 to 1973, it was performing well but now it is a total mess,” Mr Rukutana said.

Mr Rukutana is on a tour of government-aided primary and secondary schools in the constituency to assess their situation.

Working together

He asked stakeholders to keep focused and work together to achieve better results.

Ntungamo District Education Officer Arigye Odo said he would not hesitate to sack all teachers who fail to perform their duties diligently.

“Really we cannot tolerate this habit of continuing to perform poorly at the expense of public money, therefore, we will not hesitate to sack you if you keep doing this. Ruyonza is one of the schools that got many ungraded pupils in the district,” Mr Arigye said.

The head teacher of Ruyonza Primary School, Mr Fredrick Katushabe, and other teachers pledged their commitment to work for good grades.

The MP and education officials resolved to meet all parents of Ruyonza Primary School on Friday to discuss how to improve the school’s performance.

In the 2018 PLE, the school did not have any pupil in Division One.

There were two pupils in Division Two, 15 in Division Three, 15 in Division Four, 11 were ungraded and one was in X. It was the worst performing school in Rubaare Sub-county.

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