Then And Now: 39 Rock Gods Who Used To Be Hot

They got rocked by time.

These rock gods had millions of screaming fans and a lot of them still attract crowds to their concerts. Did rocking that hard have an effect on their good looks as the years rolled by? Consider GNR front man Axl Rose, who gets a little testy when unflattering pictures appear of him online, which is often. Keith Richards is an icon for anyone who pushes it to the limit, and the Rolling Stones guitarist’s deep wrinkles show the entire history of rock and roll. Cure lead singer Robert Smith was like a cuddly gothic teddy bear for every girl you knew who used to wear black as a second skin, but he now is a legit fright.

There also seems to be a direct correlation between how hard someone rocked and how rocked their looks became as a result. Consider the before and after pictures we found of Mick Jagger, David Coverdale, David Lee Roth, Sebastian Bach, Vince Neil, Tommy Lee, Steven Tyler, Jon Bon Jovi and Robert Plant as evidence.

So which of these rock gods look like they were rode hard and put away wet? Which ones would you still? Find out!

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Author : Robert Desalvo

Publish date : 2019-05-15 23:30:34

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