Uganda: Crime Preventer Sentenced to Life Imprisonment for Murdering Suspected Bulb Thief

A crime preventer has been sentenced to life imprisonment in Luzira prison after being convicted of murdering a suspected bulb thief.

Bogere Ssenoga has been sentenced by High Court Judge in charge of criminal cases Wilson Kwesiga.

Justice Kwesiga ruled that the sentence is to serve as a lesson to Ssenoga and to deter other would be offenders from committing the same offence.

The Judge added that the convict being a crime preventer was entrusted by government to protect people and their properties but instead he decided to end the life of Dius Ssekimpi Lazaro on a baseless allegations.

Prosecution led by Salama Nabbosa says on February 22nd in the year 2017 at Yesu Amala zone Nansana town Council in Wakiso District, Bogere murdered a one Dius Sekimpi Lazaro.

According to the evidence before court, a one Kato came and told Irene Namwanje that the deceased had stolen a bulb from her bar also found at Yesu Amala zone Nansana in Wakiso District.

That Namwanje the owner of the alleged stolen bulb started quarrelling with the deceased and called in the convict who started beating the deceased claiming that he was taking him to police.

He later succumbed to death to his injuries.


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Publish date : 2019-10-25 12:51:42

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