Uganda: One Out of Five Cases of Drowning Reported in Uganda – New Study

Only one out of five cases of people who die from drowning in the country are reported at district level, according to research conducted by Makerere University School of Public Health in partnership with the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) Foundation USA.

According to the research code named, “Understanding and Preventing Drowning in Uganda” conducted for the entire 2016/17 and half of 2018, there is a lot of information on drowning in communities that is not reported at the police, with in the mortuary, fire and rescue at the district level.

Ms Olive Kobusingye, the research principle investigator, said they found the bulk of drowning cases occurs among young men mostly those that are engaged in activities that require boats; either transportation on boats or fishing.

“What we found surprising was that initially, we thought most of the drowning cases were happening on big lakes. No! That’s not true. There is a lot of drowning happening even in districts where there are no big lakes. People are drowning in small streams, ponds, valley dams and again these are people that are engaged in some activity like watering cattle,” Dr Kobusingye said.

The countrywide study conducted in 60 districts was aimed at estimating the burden of drowning and the circumstances under which cases of drowning occur in Uganda so as to advise the prevention of drowning in the country.

She also stated that the study indicated that there is a risk of people who don’t have safe sources of water so the cases of drowning are happening among children although they are not many.

According to her, most children drown when they are sent to fetch water and in unsafe safe places.


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Publish date : 2019-10-26 14:25:00

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