Zimbabwe: Swimming Champs At Les Brown

Zimbabwe Swimming chairperson Tracey Doorman says they are looking forward to an exciting event when the National Senior Championships get underway at Les Brown Swimming Pool in Harare tomorrow.

The five-day event ends on Sunday and at least 180 swimmers are expected to take part with all events on offer.

The national competition comes after the provinces have had their provincial finals where they selected their teams to represent them at the championships and Doorman said they are looking forward to having most of the country’s top swimmers taking part.

“I have had a look at the entry list and the fact sheets and I am very encouraged by the swimmers that are taking part, all of our top swimmers who are locally-based are taking part which is excellent.

“We should get some excellent times because there is some good competition especially among the 15, 16 age-group and even the 17 age-group for the boys. It is a very strong age-group, so we look forward to some excellent results and hopefully some new records being set,” said Doorman. While the team for the CANA Zone IV Championships to be held in Namibia in February has already been selected, there are other major competitions lined-up for next year including the World Championships and the Junior Africa Championships; and Doorman said the swimmers will be out to give their best.

“We have swimmers aiming to qualify for the South African Age-Group Junior Nationals and obviously the level galas, a Level Two and Level Three in South Africa. We have got continental championships coming this year, we have the African Games, which will be held in September.

“We have Junior Africa Swimming Championships in August. So we still have swimmers trying to qualify for that… We have Junior Worlds and Senior Worlds this year both in August and in July.

“So we look forward to some good results from swimmers that are aiming for qualification,” said Doorman.

This week event at Les Brown Pool will see reigning champions Mashonaland, Matabeleland, Mashonaland Country District, Masvingo and Manicaland participating. Doorman said they are grateful to Hammer and Tongues, who are sponsoring the senior championships, and said they are hopeful it will be a long-term partnership.

“And of course this is our premier event so we also have sponsors, Hammer and Tongues, which has been great. It is great having a sponsor for the national event.

“Hammer and Tongues, they are our sponsor for both senior nationals and the junior nationals. It means a lot to us because without a sponsor things like medals become an issue.

“So it’s great they are on board and now they are looking at expansion and are looking at other programmes that we have as aquatics not only for senior and junior nationals,” said Doorman.

The National Championships begin tomorrow evening with the girls and boys 400m freestyle final. Earlier there is going to be a managers meeting.


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