Zimbabwe: Women Have Equal Political Power As Men – Mash Central Chiefs

Traditional Chiefs from Mashonaland Province have urged women to take an active role in politics and support each other during elections while discouraging them against the over-reliance on their male counterparts.

Speaking at a provincial devolution meeting organised by Institute for Young Women and Development in Bindura last week, Chief Nyamaropa and Chief Chipuriro called on women to be wary of male politicians who come to them during campaign times.

“What worries me the most is that you (women) normally nominate and vote for a male candidate. Why don’t you choose one of your own who will them represent your needs and aspirations?

“The male politicians come to you during elections and they promise you all the silver and gold but when you then call them out to develop the community, they are nowhere to be found,” said Chief Nyamaropa.

Chief Chipuriro, born Clever Mashiki said that political power devolution, where women will be prioritized, is a whole process which needs its revolution.

He added that women have equal opportunities with their male counterparts but they need to start using the same power to aid for one of their own.

“Giving political power to women is a whole process which needs proper management. However, when talking about gender parity, it should be noted that women are doing a disservice unto themselves.

“They have the power, they have the people but they need to start exercising those power by lobbying for one of their own. They need to vote for a female candidate who understands them, “he said.

He further stated that women need to wake up before it’s too late as they will be left out In the socio-political and economic governance of the country.

IYWD Programs Director, Gillian Chinzete told 263Chat that her organisation is aiming to drive the devolution agenda to the rural communities as they are too often misinformed about some government processes.

“Now that devolution will be coming anytime soon and there is the talk of it and it’s been intensified by the government, it’s also a priority for the women to be part of it so that when it comes it brings the results they anticipate. We want it to be a community driven,” she said.

Chinzete added that devolution should be result oriented hence women should know what it entails so that leaders are held accountable.


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