Zimbabwe: Civic Group Blasts Zanu-PF for Pushing Individual Interests

A local civil society organisation, the Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition (CiZC) has accused the ruling government of changing the constitution to suit individual interests

CiZC said any amendments to the Constitution should seek to further entrench democracy and deepen the enjoyment of rights by citizens.

This comes after the Cabinet approved proposed changes relating to appointments of Vice Presidents, the Prosecutor General, Public Protector, promotion of office judges and their terms of office among other issues.

In a statement released on Monday, CiZC said,” We remind political parties and Cabinet that the 2013 Constitution of Zimbabwe was bred out of popular and concerted advocacy by citizens and civil society and through its adoption in 2013 is an expression of the will of citizens.

“In our view, the proposed amendments seek to entrench the interests of individuals and dent the independence of an already captured judiciary,” noted CiZC.

The organisation further noted that trying to fix the national crisis by suspending the constitution counters the foundations of Zimbabwe.

CiZC also called for a broad dialogue process saying restricting it only to political parties will only create a political pact that excludes the concerns of ordinary citizens.

“In the same vein, restricting the dialogue process to political parties will only create a political pact that excludes the concerns of ordinary citizens.

“This therefore underlines the importance of a process accepted by all stakeholders and guarantor at the SADC, African Union or United Nations level,” further noted CiZC.

The organisation also trashed the role of the National Peace and Reconciliation Commission in the ongoing political dialogue saying its independence is compromised considering that the chairperson is an appointee of the sitting President.

“We also raise our concerns over a national dialogue process that is facilitated by the National Peace and Reconciliation Commission on the basis of the following: NPRC Commissioners are appointees of the President and save at his mercy who in this case is a conflicted party.

“The commission has, despite repeated calls and need, failed to rollout tangible national reconciliation initiatives,” said CiZC.


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Publish date : 2020-01-08 15:25:24

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