Africa Decides: All the upcoming elections and votes

Africa Decides: All the upcoming elections and votes

How to use the map: the basics

This African elections map shows you all the upcoming votes. Move around and click to find out more.

The colour tells you approximately when the election is:

  • Red – This month
  • Orange – Next month
  • Yellow – In two months
  • Green – Beyond that

The icon tells you what type election it is:

  • Star – President
  • Museum – National Assembly
  • House – Local/Gubernatorial

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Upcoming African elections: A list

Here are the upcoming elections in list form. It includes links to relevant African Arguments .

October 2018

November 2018

  • 7: Madagascar – President and National Assembly (run-off 19 December)
  • 18: Guinea-Bissau – National Assembly
  • 25: Mali – National Assembly (second round 16 December)
  • 30: Chad – National Assembly

December 2018

  • 10: Libya – President and National Assembly
  • 20: Togo – National Assembly
  • 23: DR Congo – President and National Assembly
  • 31: Equatorial Guinea – National Assembly (not confirmed)

Beyond [being updated]

  • January: Guinea – National Assembly (date to be confirmed)
  • 16 February: Nigeria – President
  • 24 February (tbc): Senegal – President
  • 2 March: Nigeria – National Assembly
  • 21 May: Malawi – President and National Assembly
  • 15 October: Mozambique – President, National Assembly, Local
  • Date tbc: South Africa – President, National Assembly, Provincial Legislatures


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