WORLD Boxing Council welterweight silver champion Charles Manyuchi finally left for Singapore yesterday for the title defence fight against Qudratillo Abduqaxorov from Uzbekistan on March 25. The Zimbabwean boxer left from his base in Lusaka, Zambia, together with his manager at Oriental Quarries Boxing Promotions, Chris Malunga and coach Mike Zulu. They are expected to arrive in Singapore this morning.

Malunga had earlier on said they would leave on Monday night but there were some changes to their travelling arrangements.

Manyuchi said he will do his best in Singapore and will not disappoint his fans.

“I know that I will be fighting away from home but I will not be intimidated. This is an opportunity for me to show the world what I am made of,” said Manyuchi.

His sponsors — Mr T35 — revealed that they were organising a reward for him in the form of a vehicle.

Mr T 35 general manager Martin Beula said it has become a routine for them to reward the boxer for his efforts.

Some of the cars he has received before include a Honda CRV and Toyota Elgrand.

“There is a reward that we are organising, which is a car for him. Unfortunately, we cannot reveal which type of car but he is going to get a car whether he wins or not, there is a car for him.

“This is to motivate him and it’s a message to upcoming fighters that there is life in boxing.

“It has been a routine for us. We need to motivate him. This year it’s our fifth year (in partnership with Manyuchi) and it’s like a marriage now. He can’t do without us and we can’t do without him,” said Beula.

Beula said they are also sending two representatives from their company to support Manyuchi during the March 25 fight and will be leaving on March 23.

“We have got two people from Mr T35 travelling to Singapore, unfortunately the budget was not that healthy . . . (it’s) just to inspire him,” Beula said.

Malunga was yesterday full of praise for Manyuchi and said the boxer is adequately prepared for the fight.

“I would like to assure both nations of Zambia and Zimbabwe that we are ready for the upcoming title defence by Charles Manyuchi in Singapore.

“I have also personally attended the training sessions and seen what has been happening. Charles is a very disciplined and talented boxer and is not taking the fight lightly.

“Charles has been in camp and has prepared himself adequately for the fight. The coach has assured me that Charles has been responding well to training and is ready for the fight,” Malunga said.

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Publish date : 15 March 2017 | 7:38 am

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