LIVE: This Bosasa ‘catering tender was just money laundering’ – Bloem tells #StateCaptureInquiry

Bloem, on the purported catering contracts Bosasa/Sondolo were awarded by the Department of Correctional Services. 

Bloem: “This catering tender was just money laundering. A money laundering scheme.” 

Bloem: “Bosasa have said they are going to take over the kitchens and do the cooking and prepare food – it was a blue lie! The inmates were still doing the cooking, it was business as usual. I am talking out of experience, I visited these prisons.” 

Bloem: “The inmates were still cooking. Sondolo had one office in the middle of the kitchen, one official, one of their people, was sitting there in that office. And they were just taking the money, Sondolo…” 

Zondo: “They were not actually doing the job?”

Bloem: “Chairperson, there was no labour, there was no labour from Bosasa. It was the inmates that have cooked, that have prepared food, that have dished out, for the inmates. I am saying, I am speaking out of experience, I visited physically, the prisons in the country.”



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Publish date : 2019-02-01 09:30:00

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