Africans and formula one racing [Sport]

A rare sport to many Africans, even to the elite class.

It is common place to see super stars from our continent from several sporting disciplines like football and basketball but as my findings put it there is yet to be an African on the spotlight when it comes to this discipline.

Formula one.

It is not just enough to know how to push a car through its speed threshold on a normal day on a normal road, but a lot of training, sponsorship and competition.

We sought to find out why there are not so many Africans in Formula one competition and the best person to bring on board is an African, a South African who has distinguished himself as one of the best analysts in Formula one competition around the world.

Sasha Martinengo is based in Johannesburg and joins us via skype.


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Publish date : 2019-02-08 07:00:00

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