Indians need to ‘rework their mentality’ about African people, Malema says at KZN rally

“They are paid nothing by the fellow South Africans who happen to be of Indian decent. Those people must know that for us to build unity among black people, the Indian community must rework [sic] their mentality that they are closer to whiteness, they are not closer to whiteness, they are black.

“We are all victims of apartheid, we were all exploited by apartheid. Our Indians must accept that without unity of purpose among Africans and Indians, the white minority will continue to exploit us. We are saying to them, pay our people proper salaries. Don’t pay them with food, don’t pay them with groceries, don’t pay them with old clothes, old klere – we don’t our people paid peanuts,” he said.

He got the crowd cheering when he slated the ANC for thinking that they could solve the country’s problems by handing out t-shirts with the faces of struggle icons imprinted on them – something he is reported to have also spoken about during the party’s Limpopo rally on Saturday.

“The ANC has provided people with t-shirts with the faces of previous leaders and yet cannot provide homes and jobs. You must secure the future of your child, not a t-shirt, what will a t-shirt do for you?”

He added that white people’s dogs as well as president Ramaphosa’s dogs, ate better than the average African child.

“Ramaphosa’s dogs eat more and better food than those who receive child grants – white people’s dogs eat better than black children. Thery eat biltong and have medical aid. We must never rest until African children eat better than the dogs of white people,” he said.

He highlighted some of the commitments tabled in the party’s manifesto, denouncing corruption and calling for equal rights for lesbians and gays.


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Publish date : 2019-03-24 19:51:00

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