Exciting new regional initiative – East Africa Cup!

EAC recently through the EAC advisor George Kamau had talks with Hon Karungo Wa Thang’wa CEC Youth Affairs and Sports County Government of Kiambu. The objective of the meeting was to explore the potential of promoting the competence and regional knowledge on sport and development as a tool to assist youth. In addition, the discussions also touched upon the possibilities of stronger regional ties on a county level between Kiambu and Moshi (the host county for EAC) – with the EAC as a link. 

The tentative conclusions so far are that the Kiambu County Executive will attend this years EAC (scheduled for 25 -30 June). The attendance of the County Executive would serve several functions. He would further explore possibilities of cooperation between the EAC competence and networks on sport and development and the Kiambu County. For the Kiambu County this is especially interesting in regards to how sport can assist to community development. In addition, he would function as a sort of ambassador for Kenyan teams participating in the EAC. And as a part of this Kiambu County would consider the possibility of funding the EAC participation of three teams from Kiambu County. 

The EAC looks forward to an exciting new potential in the regional cooperation on sports and development! 


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Publish date : 2019-04-11 11:17:56

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