Comrades Marathon broadcast blackout threat

Sports ministry director general Alec Moemi said a solution must be found urgently.

“They (ASA) will come to meet the minister about this issue to engage and see what could be the potential solution‚” Moemi said.

“You also have to look at third party contracts because you have a sponsor on the basis that there is going to be TV and suddenly there is no TV because you have a dispute with the broadcaster.

“You have Old Mutual and all of them…… there are going to be issues pertaining to what is contained in those contracts and things may be worse because there may be terminations.

“I had agreed to see the chief executive of ASA (on Tuesday) but we are running late because of the press conference (to announce Eminent Persons Group (EPG) on Transformation in Sport report on the same day) to try and see what progress and compromises could be made.

“Equally this situation is unfair on the part of athletics because they would have normally gotten so much for this thing and SABC says we can’t broadcast the event.

“It is becoming apparent that SABC sport is under threat from all types of contracts.”

Xasa said they were caught by surprise by the SABC’s failure to broadcast the Two Oceans Marathon and they only found out about it in the news.

“ASA did not even have the courtesy of informing us until we picked it up in the news and we had to call them‚” he said.


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Publish date : 2019-04-24 09:47:00

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