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2019 Africa Cup of Nations: How it began

The Africa Cup of Nations kicked off in Egypt  against a backdrop of terror attacks and only
days after the death of former Islamist president Mohamed Morsi.

With opening and closing games held at Cairo Stadium, it
will be the fifth time that Egypt has hosted the regional tournament, which has
expanded this year to include 24 teams.

Cairo last welcomed African teams in 2006, before the
country’s political landscape was rocked by the Arab Spring of 2011.

 The country’s
stadiums have also been sites of violence, with lethal clashes breaking out
between fans and security forces.

Fans were banned from watching league matches in Egypt after
a February 2012 stadium riot in Port Said left 74 people dead, making it one of
the world’s deadliest football clashes.

Stadiums reopened three years later but the ban was quickly
reinstated after at least 20 fans of Cairo club Zamalek were killed in clashes
with security forces outside a stadium in the capital in February 2015.

Last year, the ban was relaxed but strict security
arrangements are still enforced, with police providing permits to fans
authorised to attend.

Thus far, the tournament has run smoothly. Stadiums have
been somewhat empty – barring Egypt games – but the football on the pitch has delivered
exactly as expected.

2019 Africa Cup of Nations: Latest results and fixtures

2019 Africa Cup of Nations: Group standings

2019 Africa Cup of Nations: Last 16 predictions

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2019 Africa Cup of Nations Live scores

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