I recently received a broadcast message on the Whatsapp on my phone from a contact I had not had a conversation with in a while. In one generic message, this brilliant salesperson was able to reach almost all of his contacts at once, even starting conversations with some, like me, who were interested in his products, a method in which I could call an improvement to the drum beating that past generations would do on market days. This is a typical example of how Africans are using social media to trade. On almost every social media platform you will find accounts, groups, pages, and posts advertising something. An affordable, effective and yet a direct way to sell products and services.

Stephen Madisha is a Pretoria-based businessman who sells branded cups for parties and corporate functions. He launched his business on Twitter and uses the same platform for promotions. By creating relatable content and asking people to retweet for awareness, Stephen has managed to grow his business even to cities that he would not reach had it not been for Twitter. “Social media makes it easier to build brands and trust,” says Stephen, who strongly encourages other entrepreneurs without a lot of capital to do the same.

But there are still more ways Africans are cashing in using social media. On platforms like YouTube, content creators with large followings are cashing in bringing forex into their respective countries. For example, in 2014, Kenya’s NTV had over 155 million views, resulting in an estimated bracket of $15,300 to $127,100 annual earnings, while a South African YouTube star is estimated to have earned about $400,000 that same year. Now, whether it is YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, it is encouraging to know that many African content creators are using their skills to earn good money.


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Author : Ndaba Lungu

Publish date : 19 May 2017 | 11:03 pm

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