Mali is the third largest gold producer in Africa and gold mining has become a mainstay of the economy with a high potential of funding economic development and poverty reduction. With the country’s improving governmental policies encouraging a more sustainable transparent and diversified mining sector, Mali has become a hotspot for foreign investment and major extractive companies focusing on other minerals in the country as well such as uranium, bauxite, iron, manganese and phosphates.

The 7thInternational Mali Mining and Petroleum Conference & Exhibition, an internationally recognised conference is back in Bamako Mali from the 21-23 November 2017bringing together businesses, delegates and speakers from all over the world. The conference is the ideal podium of conflation for industry leaders and eminent decision makers with mining in West Africa especially Mali experiencing the fastest mining industry value growth rates across Sub-Saharan Africa.

The event is organised by the Ministry of Mines, in partnership with AME Trade Ltd and is already deeming to be a success with the increasing number of sponsoring supporters that include big names such as Enrroxxs Energy & Mining, Randgold Resources, Endeavour Mining, Marena Gold Mali, Toguna Mining Corporation, Total and many more.

The 7th Edition of JMP Mali comprising of three days of trade exhibition, workshops, conference sessions and discussions will focus on encouraging diversification, improving infrastructure, furthering economic development and increasing socio-economic benefits by bringing in investors from all over the world in a vastly untapped market.

Participating at JMP Mali 2017 will also be highly beneficial for ancillary companies as the event will be emphasising on developing local procurement as part of sustainable mining. Topics involving regulatory frameworks requiring the extractive industry to support local businesses and create community development plans will take place. Local procurement is a major part of sustainable development as it helps to provide and increase employment opportunities and skills development, investment, technology and local revenue.

JMP Mali acts a formidable platform for professionals and businesses from different parts of the world to convene to participate, learn, network and make business deals. The previous edition had 372 delegates in attendance, with 58 speakers, 68 exhibitors and 18 sponsors. Register today.


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Publish date : 10 August 2017 | 4:17 pm

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