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2016 The Year in Pictures

2016 The Year In Pictures It’s that time of the year when we look back and reflect on the year that was 2016.  So much has happened on the continent, from tragedy to hope […]

Women’s Empowerment

Women hold up half the sky. This phrase has inspired books, songs, NGOs, and most importantly women throughout the globe. What does it mean? Women represent half of our world. Which means that half of […]

African Elections

From the people to the politics, the process and public perceptions, we provide the latest updates on AFRICAN ELECTIONS as they happen. LATEST UPDATES […]

Africa Straight Up Documentary

Africa is home to more than a billion people spread across 54 countries and speaking more than 3,000 languages. So why is Africa usually limited to a single […]

Mastercard Innovation Forum

Latest From The Mastercard Innovation Forum Live Tweets From the Forum @Africa_com Technology that is Impacting Today’s Mega Cities Making it in a megacity takes dedication, […]

SMS Content Delivered to Your Phone

EveryDay MBA Business guidance in 7 disciplines including marketing, finance, customer service, operations, human resources, internet & general management.  Wise Words from Business Legends Quotes & factoids by […]


Advertising and Partnership Opportunities Boost your brand and generate demand alongside the most respected and authoritative content on Africa. Reach—Engage—Influence Africa.com Top10 Newsletters Reach an engaged audience – more than […]

IO Terms & Conditions

– Confidential – AFRICA.COM LLC ADVERTISING TERMS AND CONDITIONS These Africa.com Advertising Terms and Conditions (“Terms”), and any document that references these Terms (“IO”) (collectively, the “Agreement”) by and between Africa.com LLC (“Publisher”), and the […]

.africa.com Domain Names

The #1 Selling Domain Name Dedicated to All of Africa The .COM for Africa With .africa.com domain names, you combine unmatched visibility, stability, security and reliability of .com with the […]

McKinsey & Company

McKinsey & Company is a leading global consulting firm. Through the business journal McKinsey Quarterly, articles written by McKinsey consultants offer practical ideas and far-reaching analyses on global trends and challenges facing companies, […]

CNBC – World Economic Forum on Africa

Africa.com is pleased to bring you coverage of the 26th World Economic Forum on Africa. From session live streams and analysis by thought leaders, to video interviews with key decision-makers, we take you straight […]

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