How to Innovate and Create Products That Won't Fail (Free Booklet)

How to Innovate and Create Products That Won't Fail (Free Booklet)

(Free) Booklet traces how African black B2C entrepreneurs can innovate and create mass adoptable products through the Adjacent Possible Theory – Township Biz Adjacent

Often times African product innovations are said to be ‘ahead of their time.’ In entrepreneurship, this often doesn’t translate into sales and can easily mean the failure of a startup.

The ‘Township Biz Adjacent booklet by author and entrepreneur, Tiisetso Maloma, says that by applying the ‘adjacent possible theory’ to where masses of Africans in the continent reside – i.e. townships and rural areas – can perhaps give us a better understanding of how to innovate and create products that won’t fail.

He says “The billion Rands generating (yearly) townships are a goldmine that now is, unlike before, favourable and ready to be mined by young black startup entrepreneurs – especially those dealing in B2C (Business to Consumer) and FCMG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) products.”

The booklet explores and traces what he calls an “economic cyclone” that townships are through the ‘adjacent possible’ theory by Dr Stuart A. Kauffman.

Download the Township Biz Adjacent booklet here

Tiisetso’s other books are ‘The Anxious Entrepreneur,’ and ‘Township Biz Fastrack.’ He is a pattern modeller, entrepreneur and creator of the EBC Business Model and Business Me workshops.

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