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How Much Does it Cost to Keep African Countries Safe?

With an annual defense budget of around $10 billion — more than double that of the runner-up, Sudan, which spends $4.4 billion — Algeria was responsible for importing 51 percent of Africa’s arms over the past five years, according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute.  Read More Top10 Business News -

African Countries that are in over their Heads

Recent eurobond issuances by African countries have been met with huge interest. A major reason for this is that “Africa has the highest sovereign eurobond yield in the world, at 6% compared to 5.5% for emerging markets and 4% for developing nations in the Asia-Pacific region. Read More Top10 Business News -

Good Deals Make Good Neighbours

Ethiopia and Djibouti have agreed to swap stakes in strategic public enterprises including airlines, ports and telecommunications companies, as the Horn of Africa neighbours pursue deeper economic integration. Read More Top10 Business News -

South African Mining Companies Ordered to Pay for Negligent Health Practices

A historic agreement has been concluded which will see thousands of gold miners compensated for contracting silicosis, or tuberculosis. It’s the first class action settlement of its kind in South Africa and affects miners who worked at several mines from 1965, until now. Read More Top10 Business News -

Last Year, Venture Capital Funding in Africa Topped $560 Million

Finally, an almost regular flow of Series A fund deals are coming to fruition, as the biggest startup ecosystems move to the next stage of maturity. Read More Top10 Business News -

The Oldest Wildlife Reserve in Africa Could be Site for Oil Exploration

The debate of conservation versus profit has been highlighted as the Democratic Republic of Congo’s government is seeks to reclassify swathes of two Unesco-listed parks so that oil exploration can be carried out there. Read More Top10 Business News -

Full Steam Ahead for Dar es Salaam’s Controversial Energy Project

Tanzania presses on with its ambition to build a 2,100-megawatts hydroelectric power plant in the Selous Game Reserve despite warnings from conservationists about the adverse effect of such a project on animals in one of the world’s largest game reserves. Read More Top10 Business News -

The Nut at the Heart of Mozambique’s Economy

The country’s cashew nut industry, one of the world’s biggest, was dealt a body blow first by the 1977-1992 civil war and then by a controversial World Bank assistance package. Now, the government is looking to help the curved, nutrient-packed nut to recover its past glory. Read More Top10 Business News -

A Major Source of Revenue Loss for Countries in Africa

Libya is not the only oil-producing African country losing lots of revenue through theft. While most of the oil smuggling in Libya aids Islamic terrorism, for other oil-producing countries on the continent, oil smuggling serves only one purpose; greed. Read More Top10 Business News -

Staycations Could be the New Revenue Stream in Nigeria

One of the ways in which Nigeria has attempted to diversify its economy is to bolster tourism and local travel operators are seeing an increasing number of Nigerians embracing holidays at home – even in urban areas. Read More


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