The African Union Partners TheNerve Africa To Launch The Global Africa Forum On Communications

TheNerve Africa

Described as the Davos of African Communications, the event will bring together more than 200 leaders in public, marketing and corporate communications.

More than 1,000 marketing, advertising and communications professionals to converge on Kigali to discuss the future of communications and Africa’s global image

The global gathering will feature new research from TheNerve Africa Research that highlights corporate perceptions on the impact of communications on corporate revenue growth and country reputation.

Today, TheNerve Africa announced details of its Global Africa Forum on Communications (GAFCOMM), with the theme Speak for Africa: New Frontiers for Africa’s Global Growth Story. The conference will examine topics ranging from Country Reputation and Impact on Local, Global Business and Investment Attractiveness to How Executives Can Help Drive and Shape Corporate Narrative and Reputation.

The event described as the Davos of African communications will bring together more than 200 leaders in public, marketing and corporate communications who will be spearheading conversations on the significance of strategic communications in the economic development of countries across Africa, as the continent enjoys global focus as the latest frontier of growth. More than 1,000 marketing, advertising and communications professionals will also be in Kigali to discuss the future of communications in Africa and to exploit the opportunities offered by innovation in communications to contribute to the economic growth of Africa and the companies operating out of the continent.

“The nexus between strategic communications and economic development of regions around the world cannot be overemphasized. Some of the world’s most ambitious countries and regions have over time integrated communications variables into economic models leading to a more positive outlook, good reputation and attractiveness to investments,” said Perez Tigidam, Publisher, TheNerve Africa.

The event will put into context, the critical role communications will play in driving Africa’s growth, shape the future of African economies and companies operating within the continent. GAFCOMM will encourage fresh thinking among communications professionals, policymakers and industry leaders as Africa seeks to utilize its current impressive growth phase to improve the lives of its citizens through shared economic progress of companies and countries on the continent.

The event will feature an impressive roster of speakers from communications and advertising, business and government from different African countries, as well as professionals from other parts of the world.

GAFCOMM is organized by TheNerve Africa in collaboration with the African Union (AU). Africa-focused full-service communications agency Arden & Newton is the Digital and Content Partner, with the widely circulated New African Magazine as Media Partner.

Additional details for the event, including agenda and a link to register for the conference, can be found on


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Publish date : 2019-03-12 11:04:37

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