Makaruna Imbaukha: East Libya Savory Dish

Makaruna Imbaukha
Makaruna Imbaukha
Image: Libyan Food

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Originating from East Libya, makaruna imbaukha is a savory dish made with steamed pasta as the key ingredient. The pasta is combined with meat (usually lamb) and a rich sauce made with clarified butter, tomatoes, onions, chickpeas, potatoes, pumpkin, and raisins. The whole dish is typically flavored with cloves, bay leaves, ginger, black pepper, and shaiba leaves.

For the final touch, makaruna imbaukha can be sprinkled with orange flower water and cinnamon. When served, the pasta is traditionally spread in the center of the plate and topped with everything else. It is recommended to serve the dish with Libyan pickles known as mseyer on the side.

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