10 Reasons Why You Must Visit the Pearl of Africa

There is no one who starts on a journey into the unknown without making arrangements of where they will stay.  As you plan to visit the wonderful and adventurous Uganda, you will find a lot of accommodation providers online, and you can make your choice based on your pocket and the area you will be visiting.  A few examples of what is on offer are:

 City Hotels

5-Star magnificent hotels in the heart of the cities of Kampala and  Entebbe right from the airport are in plenty, as are other types of lodges and bed and breakfast accommodations on offer in the East African nation of Uganda.  In your travels, you will be spoilt with choices of places to stay.


If you prefer to cook for yourself, many places in the national parks, like the Irungu Forest Safari Lodge at Queen Elizabeth National Park, offers self-catering facilities and sleeping quarters. If you are travelling as a family and would rather live amongst the local people in the city, you can book accommodation at LK Kyengera House which is situated in a Kampala in a residential area. The house accommodates five people and is also self-catering.


If you love camping and the outdoors, then Camp Ndegeya Sculpture Park is one of the best places to camp.  Built on a hill overlooking the serene community of Ndegeya, this camping site is a must-visit for those looking for a weekend getaway or a quiet place to hide and work from for a while.  Weaver bird bike competitions are held on weekends and you might just catch one in progress. You can visit other places from the campsite. There are caravans, running water and bathroom facilities and a well-equipped kitchen for self-catering. There is also a chef and staff available if you need someone to cook for you.


Can you imagine sleeping in a room in the middle of the Nile River with the swirling waters as your front yard and the dense forest for your backyard? Wow, such is the accommodation available at Lemala Wildwaters Lodge.  The lodge is built on a private island in the middle of River Nile. What a place to relax after a boat cruise or a canoeing adventure.  Each unit has its own deck and bath, and furnished with hand-made furniture. A beautiful naturally-formed swimming pool made by the river is also part of this magical setting.


Since 2012, Uganda has received so many accolades from different organisations that, on its own, this would surely interest one to come and see what is so special about this place everyone is raving about. Just take a look at some of these:

  •    When the Lonely Planet picked Uganda as the Best Country in the World to visit in 2012, a previously-forgotten nation suddenly started getting loads of visitors.
  •    National Geographic chose Uganda as a World’s Top-Travel Destination in 2013.
  •    CNN in 2014 recognised Uganda as an emerging Top Tourist Destination in Africa and qualified this choice with the observation that Uganda offers “Wildlife without the Crowds plus Mountain Gorillas and Chimpanzees.”
  •    The African Economist concluded from a survey carried out in 2014 that Uganda was “One of Africa’s friendliest nations.”
  •    The New York Times has listed Uganda as one of 33 places one must visit in the world.
  •    Bloom Consulting in Madrid Spain ranked Uganda in the top ten of African Tourism Destinations in 2014/15.

There are more awards that are not listed here. Uganda is a unique country that offers a fresh approach into African tourism and as a travel destination.  Africa’s rich diversities have made her stand out amongst her neighbours. The most biodiverse country in Africa and most ethnically diverse country in the world, her rich resources, abundant wildlife, and a high number of primates including rare and almost extinct mountain gorillas and chimpanzees. Lakes and rivers that offer more than sport and mountains that challenge the fittest of the fit to come try and conquer; a climate that suits people from all walks of life, and an enabling environment, both political and business-wise, just makes this nation worth a visit.

Uganda is not getting all these raving accolades for nothing.  Like the Phoenix, this nation has risen from the ashes where bad politics, the HIV/Aids pandemic, and an internal war waged by a ragtag misplaced bush army had left it for dead.  The world had forgotten her and moved on, but she has refused to remain in the dump site. She has risen, dusted off the ashes and shone once again like the precious pearl she is. Now, the world has no choice, but to stop and take notice. She cannot be ignored or relegated to the back burner of world affairs anymore. Uganda demands that you notice her, that you must admit that there are enough reasons why you must visit the beautiful Pearl of Africa and see for yourself, if only to confirm what you hear or disprove it. Who knows, you might yet discover unearthed treasures still.



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Author : Lucy Thairu

Publish date : 2019-10-10 05:15:01

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