EGYPT 2019 DAY 4 – Abu Sinbel and Felucca Sail


Published: October 23rd 2019

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Movenpick ResortMovenpick Resort

View from the balcony.

Our day started with a daytime view from our balcony. Although we were not able to visit them, it’s one of the attractions that I most look forward to the next time I’m lucky enough to visit Aswan.

The hotel, just like the Marriott before it, had an extensive breakfast buffet that was served on a delightful terrace with a view of the Nile. The new wing of the resort where we were staying was not too large, and I liked the airy openness of the lobby.

After breakfast, we boarded the cute ferry that ran constantly between the island and the mainland, for our ride to the airport and early morning flight to Abu Sinbel, the second of the anticipated monuments on this trip.

The trip to Abu Sinbel can be completed by vehicle or flight. I was happy not to spend the amount of time on the road it would require getting there, but that was silly. The amount of time we spent at the airport, going and coming back, must have either equal or surprised the amount of time spent driving. Another advantage I can think of would be the extra flexibility of a vehicle,

rather than having to be restricted on time by flight schedules.

The airports in Egypt subscribed to the same system I saw in India and Nepal. In other words, you go through security twice. The first one is the most lenient and the second, before getting to the gate area, is the more strict. For example, you may allow to have water on the first one, but never on the second one. In this particular airport, both security areas were ridiculously close, but they took their jobs extremely serious. Here, like in all the other airports, not only did we go through the scanner, but also got padded down once we went across. Better safe than sorry, I guess.

The flight is not long, and the drive from the airport to the site is also a short distance. The approach to the temples is from the back so that you see the smaller Nefertari Temple first, and then turn a corner and come face to face with the Ramses II Temple. Oh, my!

Like the great pyramid, I was very familiar with the look and, I believed, size of the temples. But to stand there and look

Movenpick ResortMovenpick ResortMovenpick Resort

Breakfast Terrace

at the perfection of those statues, the amazing scope of carving those masterpieces, and all the details around them is astonishing.

I was also surprised by the size of the temples. I believed, erroneously, that there was a long corridor ending on the magical spot with the four statues that see the rays of the sun twice a year, the holy of hollies. Not so much. The inside of the temple is ample, with several rooms and a hypostyle hall with enormous pillars and columns, and every wall and column is covered in carved images and hieroglyphics. I was overwhelmed. There wasn’t enough time to appreciate it. Not for me. I know most of the people in my group were happy and satisfied, but I could have spent days inside that temple, looking and admiring every single picture and story.

It is very hot inside the temples, and it was very crowded. Most people I assume had also arrived on the same flight and were also departing on our schedule so, like in other sites, it seemed there was a tide and ebb of people all on the same schedule. Frustrating!

After our landing and on the

Movenpick ResortMovenpick ResortMovenpick Resort

The ferry boat

way back to the resort, we took a short detour to have a look at the High Dam. It was very impressive and it is heavily guarded.

Fortunately, I didn’t have time to pout for long. There was a delightful excursion that afternoon that I was very much looking forward to. A late afternoon sail on the Nile on a felucca, the traditional sail boat of the Egyptians.

We sail for about an hour along Elephantine Island, ending at the end where a ruined ancient temple is located.

There are some ruins on Elephantine Island, and the rocks along the shores are spattered with cartouches. There is also a small, modern Nubian village, and even a mosque close enough that we could hear the call to prayer from certain areas of the hotel.

The sail was relaxing. We had to return before the sun set, Because of the heavy traffic of Nile Cruise ships in that area, the small sailboats are not allowed to be on the water after dark, but it was still very pretty and tranquil.

But the evening was not over yet. Our tour director, Amr Hassan, guided all of us who

Abu SinbelAbu SinbelAbu Sinbel

Abu Sinbel from the air.

were interested to the Souk, or market, that evening to buy spices and souvenirs. Oh, my gosh! If I hadn’t had the one suitcase I would have walked out of there loaded down with bags of spices. It was very amazing. I did buy some saffron, and also the fresh Egyptian Mint tea that I had enjoyed.

Another successful day had come to an end, and it was time to start looking forward to the next day’s adventures i.e. a boat trip to Gharb Sohail, the Nubian Village, and a visit to the Philae Temple of Isis.


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